About Hours - Behind The Idea

Behind the idea.

Hours is powered by the idea of social accountability. Just like study groups, we believe that working with someone else is better than working alone. We built Hours in the interest of helping students feel like they're working side-by-side, virtually.

Hours in a nutshell:
  • Holds you accountable for finishing your tasks
  • Provides motivation to be productive
  • Simulate a real-life study group experience
About Hours - Behind The Idea
About Hours - Why use Hours?

Why use Hours?

Especially with the pandemic and everyone staying home, productivity is at an all-time low. Remote learning and online school is now the new normal.

We help students be productive at home by connecting one another to get their work done.

About Hours - Our mission

Our mission.

We want to build a productivity tool that spotlights students, and not just teams, businesses, and companies. Students undergo a tremendous amount of stress to finish all their work, and we want to make their study time as efficient as possible.

In short, we want to provide a universal tool to help students 10x their productivity.

About Hours - Our mission
About Hours - Why Hours.zone?

Why Hours.zone?

We use Hours.zone because we want to simulate a "study zone" for students to come to when work needs to get done.

We want Hours to be a study zone where anyone can focus and get work done.


We're the team working on making Hours the best studying tool for students!

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Calix Huang


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Zaid "Nico" Arshad

Jr. Software Engineer

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Cole Gawin

Jr. Software Engineer

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Samyok Nepal

Jr. Software Engineer

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Neha Washikar

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